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Defensive Driving

We had yet another fun and informative evening at the monthly WINGS meeting on 6th November 2019.

We all drive, don’t we, but how many of us actually understand all the road signs and what are they for? How many of us have revisited the Road Code since we passed our driving test?

Our guest speaker, Mr Dick Berry, a defensive driving instructor, took us on the road to safety through his experience and knowledge of driving in New Zealand as he reminded us about our and others’ safety on New Zealand roads.

The main points covered were:

Quick reminders TO SAVE YOUR LIFE

  • Traffic is just there. Go with the flow.

  • If it’s raining put your lights on. This increases the visibility for others.

  • Always use your indicators. Don't expect others to read your mind.

  • Create a cushion of safety ahead by following the 2, 4 and 12 second rule —

  1. The 2 second rule: Under a normal condition, the 2 second rule is an easy way to make sure you have allowed enough following distance between your car and the car in front of you.

  2. The 4 Second rule: In bad weather, when the road is wet and slippery, you need to increase your following distance to 4 seconds

  3. The 12 second rule: To be a safer driver, is to look well ahead of you when you’re driving. Scan the road in front to a distance of at least 12 seconds ahead where your car is — that is the place you will be after 12 seconds.

  • Power nap — If you are feeling drowsy, pull over when it’s safe and take a power nap.

Ways to save fuel and money

  • Tyre pressure — keep your tyres inflated 2-3 psi above what is recommended. 

  • Fill tyres with nitrogen, this will reduce loss of tyre pressure, reduce fuel use, improve safety and gives tyres an extra 50% life. How exciting is that?

  • Momentum, momentum, momentum — keep to the speed limit and move smoothly.

  • You can catch the speedsters at the next light, and the next and the next.

  • Where possible drive in daylight — lights and air-conditioning all use extra fuel.

So now, we can relax and enjoy our driving and stay safe on the roads!

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