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Hello to all the lovely ladies in the office and on the committee.

Thank you to everyone for the past 7 years of friendship and support.

I am aware I have not been a very active member, however I have enjoyed the monthly meetings, the camaraderie at the events I have participated in. And ofcourse the coffee mornings and chat not to forget always meeting such interesting people from all over the world.


I wish you all well for the future. I am sure the WINGS group will go from strength to strength.


You have a fantastic Committee to take you forward in these Covid times.

Keep up the good work supporting one another through whatever the future brings.

Margaret Munro

February 2022

I left London five years ago to settle in Whangarei to be near my daughter and her family, leaving behind friends, relatives and acquaintances who’d been part of my life for 70 years.
It was a big wrench but WINGS was the first organisation I joined and I quickly got to know other women, many in the same situation as myself.
There have been so many enjoyable social activities to take part in e.g. games, outings, dancing, dining out and coffee mornings. Serving on the committee helped me to really feel part of this group.
I am so fortunate to be able to say that I have made a new circle of friends from all over the world and also from New Zealand, learned more about Maori culture, sampled international cuisine and tried lots of new activities.
If you’re new to Whangarei, or would just like to broaden your social life, come and try WINGS - you will be assured of a warm welcome.

Deirdre Nicholls

April 2021

Dear Mina, Zainab, Avi and all the WINGS Committee,

Thank you very much for creating a delightful evening for the WINGS AGM. We were greeted with tea which was most welcome. The business agenda was managed swiftly, efficiently and with charming wit. The supper was really delicious and we had time then, to mix and meet with other members.

All this does not happen without a lot of thought and hard work, and I would like to let you know how much I - and I'm sure many others - appreciate it.

With all good wishes.

Jean Tier

May 2021

Yes, I call you my WINGS family for a couple of reasons -

1. Finding you set me free from the loneliness and sense of no longer belonging to the place I grew up in.

2. I have to use wings to fly across the Tasman to catch up!


I grew up in Whangarei but have lived in Brisbane for approximately 40 yrs, my 91 yr old Mum lives in Whareora and since my retirement, I now visit her frequently.

I found it difficult to find friendly social engagement on my visits to Whangarei until I met WINGS.

From the first day, I was accepted and made welcome, quickly connecting with others that had experienced the same in the past. They understood the feelings and emotions I was experiencing, it was amazing and very comforting... thank you all!

No matter how long it is between visits I can always find a like-minded, interesting and fun-loving bunch of individuals to catch up with.

I love getting the monthly newsletters sharing what is going on and what to look forward to when coming over, they keep me connected.

Often staff will take the time to drop me a personal message to see how I am. 

How special is that ?.... 

When the Corona Virus stopped us from meeting up, and my next visit cancelled, zoom calls quickly became the new option... what a fantastic solution! I (we) now get to see members live and chat every week and not just on my visits. It also allows those that may normally have not been able to get out for whatever reason... ( unwell or distance, bad weather, etc) to join in from the comfort of their home... 

This is a valuable caring community group and I am so grateful to have found them!

Jenette Malone

April 2020

WINGS is great to meet people in Whangarei, and make friends!!

Cécile Dorland

February 2020

If you don't know anyone in town, this is the group to join.

Clare Mathews

October 2019

I knew no one when I came to Whangarei and was impressed when I was kindly invited by the WINGS group to attend one of their evenings and found them most friendly and interesting people.
As I’ve had bad health and have just completed my second hip replacement I am keen now to get more involved and meet socially for friendship and participation.

Ginny Cowsiil

August 2019

Wings is amazing to meet people and to start having a social life. It’s been a great experience for myself Thanks wings !!

Robyn Wildeman

August 2019

A great place for women who are new to Whangarei who want to meet others. Friendly and welcoming people who provide a variety of interesting venues and activities. Meetings are monthly and annual membership fees are cheap. Check out their Facebook page - WINGS Whangarei

Kristine Amato

January 2019

It’s easier to love Whangarei when you meet new interesting people and friends! Thank you, WINGS ❤️😘❤️

Tatyana Zagrebelko

September 2018

I joined WINGS nearly six years ago and must say I would have been lost without it.  I’m a very social person that moved to Whangarei with no family or friends, only a husband in tow.  It is extremely important for women to feel part of the community and this is exactly what has happened to me. I've gone from lonely and insular to being a part of a wonderful base of women and have reached even further into the community helping with all kinds of other local groups and volunteers. WINGS truly has enriched by life and certainly made my husband's life easier... as we all know, happy wife is a happy life!

Kindest regards


Leslie Allen 

February 2018

Moving to Whangarei I found myself knowing no-one and without friends. I heard about WINGS and decided to go along to one of their monthly meetings. It was wonderful, I was surrounded by local and International people who all were in the same position. 

Now three years on I have made many friends, and this continues to grow. It is also a great way for our husbands to meet other men and join in socially. I would truly be lost without WINGS.

S Pollard

August 2017

I have been in the country for only 3 months now, and it already feels like home.

My husband and I have come from England, we have no one here.  Getting to know WINGS has been a blessing, 

I have been introduced to many people all from different walks of life, sharing their stories, being new to not just Whangarei but New Zealand as well, WINGS has been my hub for any information or suggestion I want.


I am not only a member of WINGS but also a volunteer helping out in WINGS office. 


A massive thank you to WINGS for their support and love. It has indeed taught me to "BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED".

Z Ansari

August 2017

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