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I moved from London less than a year ago and needless to say, it was a huge adjustment for me. Once I got settled in I decided to attend some WINGS events. I was immediately welcomed with open arms by an incredible international group of women of all ages. It has been a wonderful experience being a part of the group. WINGS helped make Whangarei feel more like home to me and I'm thankful that the group exists.

Kameela Adbul Wahab

May 2023

Arriving back in New Zealand after 21 years away and with COVID starting just after returning, it was impossible to get out or meet people and I was desperate to meet new people. I searched for Women's clubs and saw WINGS. Just what I needed and have enjoyed meeting women of all ages, and nationalities and with amazing stories of how they came to Whangarei and found WINGS.

Christine Harkness

Hello to all the lovely ladies in the office and on the committee.

Thank you to everyone for the past 7 years of friendship and support.

I am aware I have not been a very active member, however I have enjoyed the monthly meetings, the camaraderie at the events I have participated in. And ofcourse the coffee mornings and chat not to forget always meeting such interesting people from all over the world.


I wish you all well for the future. I am sure the WINGS group will go from strength to strength.


You have a fantastic Committee to take you forward in these Covid times.

Keep up the good work supporting one another through whatever the future brings.

Margaret Munro

February 2022

I left London five years ago to settle in Whangarei to be near my daughter and her family, leaving behind friends, relatives and acquaintances who’d been part of my life for 70 years.
It was a big wrench but WINGS was the first organisation I joined and I quickly got to know other women, many in the same situation as myself.

There have been so many enjoyable social activities to take part in e.g. games, outings, dancing, dining out and coffee mornings. Serving on the committee helped me to really feel part of this group.
I am so fortunate to be able to say that I have made a new circle of friends from all over the world and also from New Zealand, learned more about Maori culture, sampled international cuisine and tried lots of new activities.

If you’re new to Whangarei, or would just like to broaden your social life, come and try WINGS - you will be assured of a warm welcome.

Deirdre Nicholls

April 2021

I Joined WINGS nearly six years ago and must say I would have been lost without it. I'm a very social person that moved to Whangarei with no family or friends, only a husband in tow. It's extremely important for women to feel part of the community and this is exactly what has happened to me. I've gone from being lonely and insular to being a part of a wonderful base of women and volunteers. WINGS truly has enriched my life and certainly made my husband's life easier... as we all know a happy wife is a happy life!

Leslie Allen

February 2018


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