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A visit to a lovely two-year-old old banana and lotus plantation run by the Rose's.

A walk through the estate, via ponds and through native bush and volcanic rocks.

‘WINGS ladies had a great day out when we went to Pauline and Hugh Rose’s place at Tallyman Plantation, in Maungatapere.

We loved the layout of the gardens. Pauline really blew us away with all they had done on the property in just a few years.

The walk around the lake was wonderful, seeing all the trees and flowers including lilies, and her prized lotus collection. I loved all the information about the bananas . The weather stayed fine, a little cool at times, but it was great walking weather.

It was truly an inspiring trip for us, we all learned so much. Thank you so very much, Pauline, for your time to show us around.

We finished up having lunch on the veranda.

A great day out. 

Sandra King

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