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WINGS visit to the Hundertwasser Art Centre (19 March 2022)

This was lovely event in an amazing building. Having known that Hundertwasser had lived for many year in the Bay of Islands, I learned from one of the well informed guides that this, is his last project, It was designed for and gifted to Whangarei, and is attracting far more visitors that anticipated.

To walk on tiled floors which dip and rise ike the ground, is a new experience. And the eye is attracted by brilliant colours in unexpected shapes and random designs. A short film introduced us to Hundertwasser's naturalist philosophy way of life and means of creating his colours. Then it was into the fine Maori art galleries that showcase, the variety of Hundertwasser's work. Models of his famous buildings, aphorisms on how to live and build harmony with nature, vivid, dramatic painting and posters were too much to absorb in a single morning.

So on to the roof garden to learn the reason for the cupola and enjoy the native trees, one species being cloned from a single remaining specimen which clings to a cliff near Cape Reinga.

I came away liking Hundertwasser as a person and wanting to know more about him. My favourite item was a carpet based on one of his painting and poignant as it was in his cabin on the QE2 where Hundertwasser dies on the 19th February 2000. When you visit, I wonder what your favourite item will be?

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