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WINGS Pamper Day 2021 (15 May, 2021)

What a great event that was. All the hard work paid off and WINGS launched Pamper Day 2021 on Friday 15 May with a fantastic turn up of amazing women. More than 200 visitors supported our fundraiser and for that we are very grateful.

Everyone enjoyed their time. Some very lucky winners got fabulous prizes, and most ladies had relaxing and fun pampering treatments, and bought great goodies by local vendors and stall holders.

A very special thank you to our awesome volunteers and members who made it all happen. Thank you ladies!

Another huge thank you goes to our generous sponsors who donated so much to make this event a success.

Finally, a big thank you to our Mayor Sheryl Mai, who officially opened Pamper Day and joined us inside.

Look at so many photos of Pamper Day 2021 HERE

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