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Thank you all for your participation and support in our Quiz Night fundraiser. The theme: "What were you wearing when the ship went down?" was hilarious. All our teams dressed up and told us what was going on when the ship went down. We had the team Captain's Table, SS Parkhill team, Greasy & Steamy team, The Castaway team and the Gallery Slaves team. It was an evening filled with lots of laughter, and fun. According to one of the quiz goers:

What a fun night - great vibe, good company from friends and great competition. Some good raffles and food was great. Thank you for putting this event on - RobynW Another quiz goer, Paula Smith says Jennifer roped me in. I'm not normally a great quiz nighter, never know the answers, but I was surprised by how much I liked it. Sitting at the Captain’s table with an eager bunch (of hopefully) ‘know-it-alls’ to make up for my lack of quiz knowledge was huge fun. Great ideas for table themes and some truly inspired costumes. Lots of laughs and rivalry. A bit of heckling was going on, the competition was fierce and of course, a little bribery and corruption was afoot. The great effort also from the food team, lovely curries and accompaniments fitted the night perfectly and was tasty and lovingly made, couldn’t have asked for more. Hats off to the organisers, they made a fun-filled night with a super orchestrated quiz that even I knew some of the answers too, thank you! All in all, it was super fun and there was plenty of good company. Now inspired to go to the next one. Thanks one and all. I am sure you would want to know who the winner was, what were the people doing when the ship...

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