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Wednesday Monthly Meeting - Life on a Greek island (1 June 2022)

Life on a Greek Island

It was an interesting and a privilege to hear Jennifer Starr's life living on Agistri in the beautiful Aegean sea.

She shared stories of the children swimming in the warm blue waters from the sandy beaches; of ferry rides to the Greek mainland and the ancient city of Athens.

Learning the language was a challenge especially mastering new vocabulary when the children started school which could only begin once the local priest arrived and performed a blessing. There were many special days of festivals and celebrations. The children wore the national colours of blue and white with the top student having the honour of carrying the flag.

We saw photos of stunning scenery, mountains, rivers and the azure sea surrounding the tiny island.

The primary industries are olives, grapes and tourism so the population swells significantly during the northern hemisphere summer months (May to September).

Jennifer made a traditional Greek pudding called Galatopita. A delicious bake. Below is the recipe.

WINGS gives us all the opportunity to share our lives spent in so many different countries and cultures. Thank you Jennifer Starr for sharing yours.

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