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Wednesday Monthly Meeting - Bidding Farewell to our Chairperson Mina Crisp (2 March 2022)

The last monthly meeting was dedicated to Mina who joined WINGS soon after arriving here. Mina has put her heart and soul into WINGS and has guided it with enthusiasm and compassion for 5 years. She has a true talent for being up to date with everyone, their difficulties, their strengths, their families and keeping in contact with them all. And her organisation an d cooking skills will be sorely missed. Mina enjoys cooking for groups small and large.

Mina was ensconced on a throne while she received accolades from various people in a variety of formats:

-- A heartfelt speech from Paula - Mina's Legacy

-- A song written by Deirdre and performed (while wearing wings) by Cecilia, Kristin,Lindsey and Jennifer. - " Leaving on a Jet Plane" with apologies to John Denver for taking liberties with the words.

-- A poem : "Phenomenal Woman"" with apologies to Maya Angelou for the variation to the original to dedicate it to Mina (Read by Jackie Leech).

-- A Slideshow of videos of farewell greetings from many WINGS members. The slideshow is stored on a USB thumb d and was presented in a special box engraved with the WINGS logo for Mina to take with her.

This was followed by a delicious array of savoury and sweet dishes brought to the meeting to be shared over a chat.

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