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Wednesday Monthly Meeting - AGM (4 May 2022)

Our Annual General Meeting proved to be a fun-filled occasion attended by WINGS members and non members.

Superbly organised, all the important and legal requirements were covered followed by thanks to the many members of last year’s committee without whom WINGS could not function.

The hugely important contribution of our sponsors was gratefully acknowledged.

Jenny De Vetter & Mary Hobson were elected to the new committee. Our long time committee member Paula Smith and Grant writer, Jackie Leech, stood down after several years but they would continue to be part of WINGS. Our Asst Grant writer Jennifer Starr, who has been working together with Jackie Leech and helped us with our funding for several year also steep down from her role to take on a new role as a committee member. Our Chair person Mina Crisp returned to England leaving WINGS in the capable hands of Dawn Spence. Gwen Ras, Jennifer Starr and Julia Nuechter were awarded ‘Volunteers of the Year’ in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the life of WINGS over the past years The evening concluded with spot prizes, gifts, presentations and a delicious shared supper.

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