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Watercolour Workshop

Six WINGS ladies enjoyed a morning's watercolour painting with Kristin and Deirdre leading the group. We recapped basic techniques then sketched orchids or a Bird of Paradise before painting using 'wet into wet' as well as 'wet on dry'. The morning began with home-baked morning tea and a 'getting-to-know-you-chat'. Finishing off with a critique session of our work. It was very enjoyable sharing time together and producing an individual work of art.


Art was my favourite subject at High School but I was never encouraged by my family to pursue it…… So having this workshop was lovely and I couldn't have asked for a more nicer, supportive environment. I look forward to the next one.


I've always found WINGS gatherings to be a great place to meet like minded people in Whangarei. The Watercolour workshop proved to be that as well as a supportive place to share our artistic passion. We had a great morning painting together, talking, laughing, and having a fantastic time. Deirdre shared her watercolour wisdom, home, and hospitality with us. I can't wait until the next workshop! 


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