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Spring High Tea (6 Nov, 2021)

A massive thank you to our Whangarei Community for once again supporting us with our High Tea Fundraiser. It was a day filled with lots of happiness and cups of high tea along with delicious home-baked treats.

From the view of assistant Maître de, I was able to experience our Wings high tea. I heard clinks of delicate teacups, tinkles of teaspoons and the hum of contented conversations peppered with laughs. I tasted slithers of cucumber sandwiches, dollops of jam on fresh scones and the pannacotta was divine. I saw flower dresses, summer sandals and feathered hats. I smelt the fresh flowers along with the baking from the kitchens. With four of my five senses satiated with pleasant experiences, I could only feel that the day was a sumptuous success. Five out of five, what a treat, I can’t wait till the next one.


By Dawn Spence

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