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Middle Eastern Cooking by Manar

What's the lunch menu? Asked 15 women. 

Starters: Shourbet Adass (One pot Lentil Soup)

Mains: Kafta Batenjan (Kofta Eggplant rolls)

Sides: Batata Harra (Spiced Potatoes), Loubyeh (Green Beans) and Laban (Garlic Yogurt)

Desserts: Baklava and Ice lollies for the kids.

It was a great day making this delicious Middle Eastern food from scratch and learning something new and different. We all had our Aprons on and straight into the kitchen cooking ourselves lunch under the supervision of Manar. She made things so easy for us. We sat down and had the meal made by all of us. To finish off Manar had made Baklava. The most popular middle eastern sweet. 

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