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Listen to your Body

Andrea Cameron

Every WINGS events brings with it much learning, always fellowship and camaraderie and sometimes laughter. Andrea’s talk on ‘ Listen to your Body’ was no exception. This Zoom session that took place in Covid-19 Alert Level 2, was delivered with panache.

Andrea’s PowerPoint presentation was succinct and factual, but full of emotion of her experience since being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. That, just 12 months on she is able to share her journey with us, speaks of her courage, strength and her confidence in those around her, in the face of adversity. She has a great sense of humour which helped her in dark moments. I for one, am more aware of the need to listen, not just to my own body but to listen more closely to my friends and family when they describe symptoms that I may have dismissed previously. What will I take away from this? I will make sure I offer focused help to those who may be going through a tough time, rather than the usual ‘ how can I help’.

Thank you Andrea for raising our awareness about a condition that is peculiar to women. Anyone of us may be susceptible without knowing. Thank you to WINGS for organising this talk and another session once we are able to meet at a venue would be useful for those that could not attend.

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