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Indonesian Cooking (13 May 2022)

Ready, Steady, Cook - Indonesian style.

On a beautiful sunny Autumnal day, 9 ladies + a curious infant from WINGS were treated to a demonstration of Indonesian cooking by Avi, Eva and Tina. We learned from Avi how to make Cassava cake, Choco Soup by Tina and Chicken Nasi Goreng by Eva. She also made the famous Kerupuk which can be used to scoop up the rice, deep-fried noodles and 'birds nest' baskets. Tina whipped up Dabudabu, a delicious tangy onion, tomato and chilli accompaniment.

We were introduced to many new flavours, sauces, spices, all available at Whangarei's Asian grocery stores.

For dessert we enjoyed Avi's Feijoa skins softened in a sweet cinnamon-flavoured syrup served with Cassava cake and cream - so tasty - we'll never throw those skins away again!.

After sharing the sumptuous meal together, the more adventurous walked off a few calories trekking with Tim to admire the stunning harbour view from the roof top of the hill.

Our thanks go to the beautiful professional chefs and also to Avi and Tim for their kind hospitality

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