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Down on the Farm (30 Oct, 2021)

We had a lovely day 'down on the farm'. Robyn welcomed us to her home which has an outstanding view across the valley encompassing their farm. After a welcome cuppa and cakes, we learnt about the day and the year of dairy farming. We watched as the cows ambled down to the sheds at a gentle 2kph to be milked. Those interested were welcome to tempt the cows with some feed. Number 140 was very tame and accepted food from our hands. Wellies were a necessity for those wanting to walk amongst the cattle.

We had a look at where the milk is directed after it leaves the cow. The milk is cooled before being stored in some big tanks. In the middle of the night, the milk trucks will come and collect the milk with no involvement from the farmers.

By then the cows were lined up for milking. Those who were keen were invited to brave walking down the trench between the cattle and tried their hand at plugging the milking machines onto the cows' udders, trying to duck the cow who must have got a bit nervous with all these women and had a good poop. There was nowhere to run, so thank goodness we had been warned to wear wellies and old clothing! We hope the cows, who were a bit nervous seeing all the strangers, recovered from their ordeal.

We were each given a sample of fresh milk to take home. Delicious!

Thanks Steve and Robyn for hosting us for an interesting and enjoyable day in the country.

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