The Healing Power of the Body's Ecosystem

"The first environment worth saving is you". Indeed it is. A very interesting Wednesday evening which was led by Sophia Xiao-Colley (Owner at DeSan Health, Whangarei)) taught us how SIMPLE health is.

S- Sleep -- Sleep when your body says to, you will wake up without the alarm clock

I- In/Out -- A good Diet, plenty of water and enough minerals can be beneficial

M- Mind --- Do your best, hold your integrity, that will be a peaceful thing for our mind

P- Posture -- maintaining good posture changes the whole personality

L-Love --- Remember to love yourself and others

E- Exercise -- One of the last elements of a healthy life and a positive mood

We were all glued to our seats listening to the message that Sophia gave us. The evening ended up with delicious nibbles brought by lovely ladies.