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Cooking with Mina - Indian & African

14/05/2019 #Tuesday # 10:00 am #8 Recipes #9 Ladies (different countries) #Get together at Mina’s Kitchen to cook vegetarian food and the regular “kettle is on, any one fancies a cuppa before we get started?”

Cooking with Mina on 14th May 2019 Pic 1

Well, all in charge of a recipe each carefully reading the instructions and following it step by step. With a constant peeping into to others mixing bowl. Not to forget the frequent cries of, “are you done with the copper?”, Coriander anyone”? Do you think I should add a bit more ginger garlic...?” and as usual “MINA CAN YOU CHECK THIS PLEASE?”, One thing everyone did of OVER MIXING

Cooking with Mina on 14th May 2019 Pic 2

1 and a half hours and we are done with our frying and baking. With a very chuffed and proud feel we sat around the table to the delicious food we prepared.

We had a great time sharing our expertise’s and learning something new whilst we made the Main course of - Paneer Kofta, Black Bean Burger, Spiced Chickpea & Grilled Zucchini tacos, Falafel, Savoury vegetable cake, Silver beat & rice slice and for dessert – Eggless Red Velvet cupcake with Beat and Milk Tart with cinnamon dusting on it.

Thank you Mina for organising and sharing your recipes with us. What a joy the cooking session brought us. We all had a fantastic day.

-- Zainab.

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