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Christmas Party 2018

Having recently been to the WINGS 12 year Xmas Party …. I think I can say that evening was the one of the best Xmas/Anniversary parties I can remember. Nice to see our regular members who have been coming since 10 -12 years ago mixed in with a whole new batch of regulars. It was a full night of social chitchatting to catch up with one another and eating food which is always a hit.

The stalls of jewelry, soaps, arts n crafts, jams and chutneys and even the popular tea leaf readings was a highlight.

To top off the evening we had the comical Deirdre Nicholls (Chair) and Leslie Allen (Co Chair) give us a surprise performance (their version ) of the Ballet The Nut Cracker! Now I went to the Nut Cracker when I was around 9 years old and I don't quite remember it quite the way Deirdre and Leslie performed it but hey that's okay!! It was so hilarious we made them do it again. There were so cute in their tutus and the smiles are on their faces made everyone's night. Nice choreographing Ladies!!!

Christmas Party 2018 Pic 1

It is nice to see WINGS continue on year after year since Gina and I stepped back. We enjoy being a part of this organisation and coming to the events and being on the other side of the fence!

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered and participated with WINGS over the whole 12 years.

Christmas Party 2018 Pic 2

Christmas Party 2018 Pic 3

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