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Spring Safari Supper

Spring Safari Supper was a 'Progressive Dinner' hosted by 5 WINGS Members in their homes. A 5-course meal served at 5 different venues.

Spring Safari Supper at WINGS on 1st Sept 2018

Here, is the feedback from Safari Supper attendees:

Great evening spent with a lovely group of people. Lots of conversation and laughter. The cocktails were amazing and all the food was delicious. We are privileged to have so many talented members in WINGS who generously provided their time, skills and homes for the occasion. Thank you all.

It was a delight to have so many safari goers come through our door to kick off the night with an elegant glass of Jungle Juice or Sex on Safari, or a more chaste Guava-a-go-go. There were folks who looked like they'd walked straight out of the Serengeti, just for a quick drink! Although it was not long before everyone was off again to bag an entree, it was a pleasure to see everyone dressed up and full of fun. If only they hadn't left the half remaining jug of cocktails just for Geoff and I to, er, 'clean up'...

We enjoyed a lovely evening, each course of the meal hosted by a different person in their home. The company was sparkling and the effort taken by the hosts in presentation and preparation was remarkable. Thank you to each host and partner

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