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Crochet Crafternoon for Absolute Beginners

Crochet Crafternoon

Crafternoon tea proved to be a great way to relax, make new friends, boost our brainpower and learn a new skill. Lindsey and Janette first taught us how to make a slip knot (you think this would be easy!), chain stitch, and then we all US single crocheted our way to making phone cases. Mind you, they didn’t all look like phone cases. Some were more canoe-like, some doyleyish and some were referred to by our illustrious demonstrators as potential willie-warmers (that’s Christmas sorted then...).

The surprising thing about crochet is that it demands a lot of mental energy, and there were times when the room went silent with concentration. At other times, say when hearing about one of our new friends settling in Hikurangi and telling us about the markets, then another friend piped up, “We can sell our phone cases there”, the room erupted with laughter. It’s ambitions like these that make you drop stitches.

We finished the afternoon with new friends, a new skill, bellies full of cake and a commitment to have regular monthly crafternoon sessions. ALL WELCOME!

Special thanks to Lindsey and Janette for their patient and experienced teaching and for sorting out the craft packs. Much appreciated.

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