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Visit to Native Bird Recovery Centre

Our group had an interesting morning visiting the Native Bird Recovery Centre in Whangarei. How many people can say that they have stroked a one-legged Kiwi or seen an Albatross on dry land?

Sparky, the Kiwi, was caught in a Possum trap designed to catch predators but the trap should have been set up in a tree, not on the ground.

The wandering albatross had probably been blown off-course in a storm and became marooned on a beach. We learned that they can only launch themselves from the sea to catch the wind beneath their wings and soar on the thermals.

Once he has recovered, and all the sand gone from his feathers, the albatross will be taken out to sea to fly off on his journey in the skies.

A few of us met afterwards at Jolt Café and enjoyed an hour of relaxed conversation with coffee and cake – this is the life!

WINGS Members went to Bird Recovery Centre on 10th Apr 2018

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