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Picnic at Jan Pepi’s Garden

Picnic at Jan Pepi's Garden on 25th Feb 18

What a privilege to spend a few hours wandering round a beautiful garden in Parua Bay landscaped and tended by Jan and Cyril Pepi. The garden is a ‘work of art’ planted with tropical, sub-tropical and desert varieties such as bromeliads, agaves, ferns, lillies, palms and many other varieties of trees, shrubs and bushes. Pebbled pathways lead up and between mixed beds with myriad sculptures and garden art interspersed between the growth. The house enjoys stunning views of Mt Manaia, the Heads and the sea. After an interesting talk by Jan on the history of the garden, some tips of maintenance and plants, we were free to wander. Some took the opportunity to sit in one of the many shady spots to enjoy their coffee and lunch. Jan and Cyril’s garden will feature in this year’s ‘Garden Trail’ – definitely one to visit!

Jan Pepi's Garden

Feedback :

1. Thank you Deirdre for arranging such a lovely day at Jan and Cyril Pepi’s garden and home. It was good to have time to spend with friends. It is quite amazing what an artists eye can transform, be it a canvas or a garden. I will have to work harder with mine.

2. I enjoyed our leisurely morning/lunchtime visit to Jan and Cyril’s beautiful garden today.

3. Well thank you for organising, we just loved it... very chilled out which was a nice change for us.

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