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Visit to Taihoa Tides Olive Grove

There was an enthusiastic turnout of Wings ladies with their significant others at this event. The weather was sunny and hot, and we sat in the shade of the olives drinking juice or water while our hosts described setting up the olive orchard from a paddock area with only three trees in it. They have made it into a beautiful garden and olive orchard.

They described the way olives can begin to deteriorate no sooner than they are picked, so when harvesting begins the olives are transported down the drive immediately, to the olive press. The oil produced is stored in cans with all of the air removed, so there is the least possible opportunity for oxidation to occur. As a result, the oils we sampled were as fresh and fragrant as you could possibly get.

The breads and nibbles provided impressed us with how good the oils alone are, and what delicious dips and pesto's can be made with them. There were five varieties of oil (besides oils infused with lemon and lime) including two Italian cultivars, one French, one Greek, and one originating from olives brought by a settler in 1893 – virtually a native.

WINGS Members went to Taihoa Tides Olive Oil on 17th Feb 2018

We queued up with our dark wine bottles to purchase oil – only $26 for 75cl – and we agreed it had been a most interesting outing. Thanks to Taihoa Tides!

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