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Glass Jewellery Making Workshop

Glass Jewellery Making Workshop

On Thursday afternoon, 8 women were introduced to the art of glass fused jewellery making and were able to create their own unique pieces of wearable art. Thankfully no experience was necessary and Lauri guided us though the stages, techniques and the materials used in dichroic glass fusing.

Dichroic (pronounced dye-crow-ick) glass literally means ''two colored'' and is derived from the Greek words ''di'' for two, and ''chroma'' for color. It was thus named because of its fantastic multi-colored and reflective properties. When you look at this glass, it appears to have more than one color when viewed at different angles.

We used a base glass layer and then arranged pieces of glass to fit on top which we lightly glued just to keep from moving when Lauri took it to her kiln. Another layer of clear glass was laid on top (so now 3 layers of glass) and then when put into a programmable kiln, it partially melted the layers of the glass into 1 unified piece and into the wonderful pieces of jewellery we made.

Everyone enjoyed this workshop and we will run another soon.

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