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Dinner at the Addams Family Show

The Addams Show on 17th Nov 2017

The night started off with dinner of Ghoulish beef stew and Morticia's Flourless Chocolate cake before we were invited into the Addams house. Local Whangarei actors Pani Taukiri and Debi Walters played the parts of Gomez and Morticia Addams brilliantly and were very professional in their roles. It was hard to believe that they weren't actually Gomez and Morticia. Jessica Hamer and Max Alldred who played the roles of Wednesday Addams and Pugsley were also very well played. A lot of laughs as Wednesday Addams - daughter of Gomez and Morticia - had fallen in love with a "normal" boy and she wanted to bring him home to meet the parents. Of course she wanted a "normal" night with both sets of parents however the Addams family is just not normal. Very funny show and well worth watching.

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