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Glow Worm Walk

Glow Worm

Despite inclement weather during the day, the glow worm walk went ahead during a welcome dry spell during the evening. A group of 12 enjoyed taking over Stumpy’s on Riverside Drive choosing a variety of hot dishes including fish, chips, corn fritters, mussel fritters, deep-fried calamari etc. The WINGS ladies (and gents) pushed the tables together and spend a very sociable time eating and chatting.

We then drove to the top of Dundas Road, where, with our torches lighting the way, we walked for about 10 minutes along the Ross Track. With the sound of rushing water to our left, we were soon rewarded by the bright pinpricks of light dotted among the adjoining rocks. At the entrance to an old gold mine and further along beside a waterfall, we turned off our torches and looked up at the hundreds of glow worms suspended on their fragile lines shining like stars in the blackness of the night. This was a new experience for some and, even for those who had seen them before, an awe-inspiring glimpse of beauty and ingenuity in the natural world.

Here is what one of the goers has to say:

Thank you for introducing my husband and I to the Glow Worms. Truly a lovely sight, it looked like fairy land. Plus having fish and chips as a social gathering a great start to the evening.

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