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Self Defence

Self Defence at WINGS Theme Night

Another excellent theme night at WINGS presented by David Grey and his wife, Chyvon. After a short introduction to his background and experience in the field of martial arts and teaching self defense, we were given a demonstration of simple blocking moves which anyone can use to defend themselves if attacked.

David and Chyvon presented a few potential scenarios where he attempted to threaten face on, grab her from behind and even try to steal her bag. It was fascinating to see that Chyvon, several inches shorter, was able to go from being a potential victim to having the upper hand. We learned about using positive, empowering body language as well as some simple moves to use in a similar situation.

One volunteer even had the chance to practice one of the moves and throw him to the ground! Obviously, this was just a ‘taster’ session but certainly motivating to take a course and learn more.

Some statistics of attacks in our society were sobering. If we are unfortunate enough to find ourselves actually being threatened by a potential attacker something you might like to try saying is ‘I can’t take you seriously because your flies are undone!’ Seemingly works every time and gives you precious time to escape.

David and his wife Chyvon Gray provide courses in Whangarei. There is a 6 week course starting on the 1st of November at St Andrews Church. Cost $150 or $120. There also run a monthly 2 hour class, which is an introduction to self defence.

There web site is, email: and phone: 027 467 6250. They are also on Facebook at

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