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Scone Making

Scone Making at WINGS

"The morning spent at the James Homestead was a blast. Paula is an excellent host. Her tips and tricks for successful scone making were invaluable. We each made a batch for ourselves trying to follow her example. The following cuppa's and chat were as enjoyable, we ate some scones and everyone's turned out well. The rest of which we were pleased to take home. Thanks for having us Paula. You are a gem."

"Mix lightly and with a cutting action- don't be heavy handed or in a rush to make light and luscious scones" that is the most important thing I learnt from Paula's scone making morning....and I have to say she makes the BEST scones! Now we do too!!

We even learnt a quick and easy tasty treat to make for when visitors show up unexpected. Thanks Paula - it was a brilliant morning with lots of laughs ...and the best part?? We got to take home the scones we made - YUM

It was great fun and really informative working in a small group learning how to make traditional scones under the guidance of an expert. We watched Paula make hers first then tried on our own. The favorite varieties were date or cranberry and orange. While they were cooking, Paula made some speedy savoury muffins as the kitchen filled with the aroma of delicious home baking. Lastly the best bit: a cup of freshly brewed coffee with a warm buttered scone.......mmmmmm!

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