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10-Pin Bowling

Wings bowling evening went down really well. We had 11 people with a mixture of husbands and partners some had played before and some hadn’t but with good cheer we all had a great laugh. Jackie was the star of the show she was like grease lighting. “The imaginary chocolates went down well to – you had to be their! Thanks to Judith for turning up just for the social aspect.

Bowling with WINGS Members

Thank you for organising last night’s bowling. I had so much fun!! I was pretty good I thought - not everyone is as talented as I was and get 0-0 more than twice! Great night - would love to do it again.

Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome job you did organising the bowling. Geoff and I had a fabulous time, despite my complete lack of talent, coordination and luck. And it was a real pleasure watching Stu and Geoff play. There's something a bit wonderful about seeing your husband bowl a strike - maybe a little bit of wifely pride, or perhaps just watching skill in action.

On another note, I went to Specsavers and was prescribed distance glasses today so CLEARLY that's what was wrong with my game! Next time I'll be on fire!!

A social couple of hours spent bowling with relaxed friendly people. I surprised myself by bowling reasonably well for a change. The virtual chocolate prizes for strikes were so good for the waistline, must try them again! Thanks to Sarah for organising

Thank you so much for organising our Ten Pin Bowling evening. We had two great teams and so much fun!!

These evenings are great, I so look forward to the next one,I always meet new people which epitomizes the Wings ethos.

Thanks again for your organisation

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