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Blues and Jazz Night

What a wonderful evening we all had. The Blues and Jazz- “Wizard and Oz” were excellent along with dancing and good food. Our host the Northland club made us all very welcome. We had a fabulous turnout of 26 people. Thank you all for your support.

Blues and Jazz Night at Northland Club

Feedback from our audience:

We had another good social evening at the Northland Club. Great turnout of people who came to socialise over a meal, enjoy the music or dance - or all three.

Thanks Sarah and Stu for organising it. The venue lends itself to the mix of activities - and the $2 van is a great advantage.

Fantastic night. So grateful it was organised as we would have not known about it and we loved it, from the meal with WINGS friends to the awesome musicians. Thanks Sarah x

Enjoyed the company. Many thanks. Let me know when there are more events. Much appreciated.

The Wizard and Oz once again got toes tapping and people singing along to their music.....a fun night. Again the courtesy van was handy for those that wanted to have a little tipple - makes a big difference knowing that is available for only a few dollars. Thanks Sarah for organising!

Hi Sarah

Thanks again for organising the evening. Really enjoyed the music and had a great time at the Northland Club, once again!

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