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Cocktail Party

'And now for something different' - bow ties, feathers, bling and sequins, fascinators, posh frocks and tottering heels were dug out of closets and cupboards for the 'Cocktail Party' of the year. Isn’t it wonderful what you can get from the ‘op shop’? With thanks for the hospitality and hard work of two of our WINGS members, Jackie and Mina, a group of us along with partners and friends, enjoyed the opportunity to dress up in our finery. Mina shook cocktails, Jackie made mocktails and there was a wonderful selection of delicious assortment of canapés contributed by the guests. Outside it was a dark, drizzly winter's evening; ideal weather to gather round a glowing fire in good company. WINGS events certainly do give us the opportunity to get know one another better and to build friendships in our 'adopted home'. The small cost provided a donation to 'Soul Food', a Whangarei charity providing a most valuable service to those in need in the local community.

Cocktail Party

Here is what our attendees want to say about the party:

What a wonderful evening, a big thank you. The cocktails were wonderful and so was the company a lovely way to socialise. So nice to get dressed up, we just don't do it any more. When's the next one!!!!!

Thank you both for hosting the excellent cocktail party last night. It was a great success. I enjoyed everyone's company and it was a treat to dress up! The canapés were delicious so too the drinks.

All your hard work was very much appreciated.

Thank you for all your efforts and for making the Cocktail Party a memorable occasion.

I hope the clean up was not too onerous and you did manage to get back to normal before you were totally worn out.

A great success I think. We both certainly enjoyed meeting and chatting with interesting people we haven't seen before or don't have the opportunity to have much conversation with.

There was much animated conversation. Amongst other things, I learned about the joys and perils of online dating. I learned what the Scotsman really wears under his kilt, and I heard the story of a whirlwind romance – a proposal the day after they met! Two and a half wonderful hours. Thanks to the ladies who organised it, and to everyone there who made it so much fun.

Look out for the next one, early February all being well.

Another first! What a great idea to have a cocktail party.... yummy drinks. Yummy snacks. Handsome men. And we got to dress up to the max ..... very enjoyable . Thank you Jackie for your hospitality.

A wonderful evening to get glammed up and to enjoy cocktails and canapes with friends. It is very rare to have the opportunity to put on some glad rags rather just just my jeans and go out to an event with others doing the same!

Cocktails were superb and canapes so beautifully tasty....I liked that everyone made something different to share and it was all so beautifully presented.

Thanks so much to Jackie and Mina for putting it all together - please can we do it again...soon!

I really enjoyed the cocktail evening. It was so fun to have a chance to get out the bling in a dressy yet comfortable evening! It gave people the chance to get know each other better and I especially enjoyed seeing all the partners interacting as well. I'm looking forward to the next event! I'm so glad I joined WINGS.

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