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It really didn't matter that it was raining or cold because a group of seven excited women were ready to turn their hands to creating their own masterpieces with a block of wood and a lathe. Alison and a team of six men from the Quarry Arts Centre - Northland WoodTurners and Wood Workers Club were ready to guide us through the hows, the why's, the do's and don't' etc of wood turning but not before some beautiful home cooked scones with jam and cream which were eagerly consumed by all - fresh from Alison's oven.

Each person had their own lathe and tools to work with and a tutor to guide them on how to hold the tools, the angles to use and what kind of pressure to use etc. It was great fun seeing a bowl emerge from a chunk a wood. Everyone had a different type of wood - some were kauri, totara, silky oak, jacaranda etc. In only 4 hours (and a lot of guidance from the tutors) every one of us had created a bowl - some even 2 bowls! I am keen to come along to their evening sessions on a Tuesday to learn more.

Check out this link if you are interested in coming along

A big thank you to Alison and Mina for organising the day and also to the men who graciously gave up their Saturday to lead us through the steps of wood turning. I'm stoked with my bowl and have been proudly showing it off to all and sundry.

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