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African and Jordanian Cooking

We all had a wonderful culinary experience at Mina's learning to cook some traditional Jordanian and African food on 22nd of June. She very generously shared her home, kitchen and expertise with us. We came from many different countries: America, Britain, South Africa, Taiwan and New Zealand - a real 'melting pot' working together and producing a delicious lunch packed with myriad flavours and spices. Great fun trying something new, building friendships and sharing each others cultures. A great day - thanks to our host, Mina.

African and Jordanian Cooking

Feedback from our cooking candidates:

Wow! What a day to started with this fantastic treat!!!

It's one of the BEAUTIFUL wet and gray typical Whangarei winter, nothing is better than cooking and eating with Masterchefs !!!

Thanks Mina's big heart and hard work ( we all work hard to ate all the food too), learnt a lot about African and Jordanian cooking especially the Cassava and Vitumbua ,yum yum yum!! Can't wait for the next one!

Mina – thank you so very much for your time and energy in giving us an opportunity to learn more about the foods from Jordan and Africa. The stories and information made the cooking day more enjoyable and it was much more than just cooking recipes we gave us. I can’t believe how tasty the food was and how simple it was to make especially as most of the ingredients were ones that you could find at home. My belly and heart thank you for your generosity in presenting this day for us…..thanks

Wow wow and wow - what am amazing day at Minas place.

It was absolutely fantastic, very organised, we'll planned with incredible food from all of what we did with Minas well thoughtout menu.

Very interesting listening to the background of different dishes and to all sit to eat a beautiful meal that all recipes came out of a cookbook by Minas Nan.

Loved the whole day. Thanks all for organising and having me a part of this special day.


Thank you Mina and Caroline for such a wonderful day of cooking. The food was fantastic and so interesting. What was even better was getting to know some of the members a bit better. Such great ladies. I am so grateful I found WINGS.

Thank you for forwarding all the recipes we so much enjoyed making at Mina's house way back on June 22nd.

A most interesting and educational day, I am sure we all learnt from the experience. The food was delicious, Mina made everything sound easy therefore no problems in implementing the easy to follow instructions.

With all the necessary ingredients and utensils not to mention expert advice on hand, we really couldn't go wrong.

It was great having the camaraderie in the kitchen, I am sure we could all take something worth while away from the shared work and the meal it's self.

Congratulations and many many thanks to Mina, for sharing her knowledge and her home with us all.

Hi Mina

Thank you so much for a most enjoyable day learning to cook some of your home recipes. I learned a lot and really appreciated the chance to savour such tasty and unique dishes. You worked hard preparing it all for us and and kindly sharing your home and kitchen, also providing all the ingredients. Thank you for your generosity and patience especially with some of the 'cooking-challenged' students! See you soon!

"Mina is the perfect hostess and organised a wonderful day's cooking. We were each given a recipe or one to share and it was a matter of get going and ask questions when stuck. We all turned out excellent dishes and created a feast of sweet and savoury with spices too. Congratulations to Mina on putting it all together and not getting flustered. Thanks again!"

Attending the cooking event, with members of Wings group, at Mina's house was really good. It was very interesting, making and tasting delicious flavoured food. Mina was well organised, she provided us with several recipes and lots of different ingredients to use. Many dishes were prepared, in groups of two following a recipe, afterwards we all shared the food made and enjoyed eating the wide variety of flavours. Mina also provided us with lovely juicy mango, and later on a cup of special Indian tea.

Mina is very kind and very generous, she made it a special event, which was enjoyed by us all. Thank you very much Mina.

Would really like to do it again.

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