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Walk the Loop

Several Wings ladies ‘walked the Loop’ on Tuesday morning. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the company was excellent – what more you could want?.....Oh, and it was free! There were lots of other people taking advantage of the beautiful winter weather and the lovely harbour views whilst getting a little bit fitter.It was a good opportunity to get to know each other better while walking and chatting along the way. After the walk we enjoyed some refreshment at Mokaba’s cafe at the Town Basin. Hopefully we will be able to meet up again soon and take another walk together. Watch out for details in the Monthly Wings Newsletter – all welcome.

Walk the Hatea Loop

Here is what our joiners want to tell about it:

I loved the walk around the Loop last Tuesday, the weather was perfect and we had such a lovely crew to enjoy the walk. The facilities are excellent all around the Loop, water stations, seating and toilets. What more can anyone ask for?

I often do this walk and would be very happy to join another Wings group events.

Thanks for organising Deidre, look forward to seeing you again shortly,

It was a good walk, nice weather and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. So glad they made this walkway and I recommend it to everyone. Especially with friends Thanks for organizing it. Looking forward to the next one.

It was a great walk. Not too strenuous but we could push ourselves when we are a bit more able.We wasted time , if it was important to others waiting for people. otherwise for those of us with no time frame all was ok.

We must not get locked in toilets again.

Nice to have a place for coffee or lunch afterwards as well

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