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Northland Club Party Night

Hi Sarah and Stuart

Thanks for organising this.

I had a great evening, a nice meal and a fun get-together with lots of dancing and laughter. The inexpensive taxi service made it into an evening where I could relax and have an extra glass of wine.

Thank you Sarah for organising last night's fun.

'We both really enjoyed it; good selection of music, a very nice meal and excellent company!'

Hi Sarah,

Thank you so much for organizing such a great night out. The Northland club is certainly abuzz on a Friday evening. The food is reasonably priced and good, the disco was great.

I had a great time and loved meeting your friends. Please can we do it again??

Thanks again,

Last night was super duper thank you so much. We loved every minute of it. It was a lovely evening.

Omg! it was awesome. Great company, great location and having a bus available is wonderful.

DJ was so much fun, along with his family. Wow they were a hoot. I would love to do it again and hope they do too. Lots of different styles of music to dance to so something for everyone

Plus food and drinks are not expensive , great night!!!!

Thank you for organizing

Hi Sarah firstly thank you for organizing the event last night. Secondly I had a fantastic time. It was a blast and the food was great - far too much for me but delicious. The transport as well was a blessing and meant I could get out and about without flying on other people. Ten out of ten for the whole evening. Thanks Sarah.

I had a fantastic night Sarah - thanks so much for organising it. It was so good to have great bunch of people to get together with for a chat and a boogie with...I have not danced for so long it was great to dust off the dancing shoes.

The DJ "Go Banana's" was excellent and played a great range of dancing music plus throwing in some fun games to play as well.

The courtesy van was brilliant which meant you could have a drink and not worry about driving home.

Would love to have another night like this - Thanks to all those who came and had fun

Northland Club Party Night

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