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Visit to Gibbs Farm

Gibbs Farm

Anyone one who likes art sculptures would love a visit to Gibbs Farm, it is enjoyable for all ages. The pieces of art are huge and amazing! When you walk up close to them you really see and appreciate the amount of work and planning put into forming them. There are many different fantastic designs, some with great color and some with brilliant shapes. View them from all angles, to get a variety of unusual perspectives. They are widely spread out on the large grass hilly fields. Also enjoy seeing the wonderful animals there, they include some Giraffe, Alpacas and Zebra. You will also be surprised to see a beautiful large Water fountain feature of jumping waterspouts making lovely dancing formations.

Be prepared to do a lot of walking. As well as good walking shoes, also take sun-cream and insect repellent, on warm sunny days. If it is a rainy day be prepared for mud and getting wet and cold! Whatever the weather, it makes a great family day out! Allow plenty time to drive there, it takes about 1 hour and 35 mins, from Whangarei, if there are no traffic hold ups. The opening hours are 10 am till 2 pm.

Hope what happened to us does not happen to anyone else. We had a few incidents on the day we went, (Thursday 27/4/17). Unfortunately we were delayed by 2 and a half hours. Firstly the State Highway One, Southbound was closed off due to a road accident, traffic was diverted South wards via Waipu. After travelling down that route for a while we came across another

road closure due to a second road accident. Both roads going South were closed off for a while. We waited at Waipu Cove restaurant, enjoying a coffee/tea break until one lane of the South bound State Highway One opened again. We back tracked and made our journey along State Highway One, arriving at our destination at 12.30 pm instead of our planned time of 10 am. It greatly shortened your visiting time to Gibbs Farm, however we were lucky to have dry and sunny weather and we made the most of it.

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