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The Kiwi's are calling

The Kiwi's are calling

This night was so truly amazing, I cannot say enough about it and that it’s a must do again.Melissa and her husband Peter were so informative and attentive to our group, not to mention the stunning location, bonfire and wonderful food!

Actually hearing a kiwi for the first time in a natural habitat is an experience I will not forget.

Couldn't see any way to improve this one

The weather was perfect - after a walk along Ocean Beach we found Melissa's lovely hide away house. After an informative talk from Melissa about kiwi habits ( and hearing the males calling) we enjoyed a delicious supper and then retired outside to the warming fire and listened for more calls by these unique birds.

The evening was informative, entertaining and the weather could not have been better - not a breath of wind!

Thanks Deidre for organising this great evening. All my non Wings friends are very envious!

We had a delightful time on the kiwi listening event. Not only were the hosts generous with their time and location but the shared knowledge about our kiwi was very informative. Plus we were fortunate to here both male and female kiwi calling.

Kiwi listening was a great evening. Our host was very informative and put on a great tasty super. The surroundings were lovely. Really enjoyed look forward in going again.

Very informative outing and loved learning about Kiwi, their habitat, what's being done to protect the species and of course hearing the call of female and male kiwi which are very different from each other. A must do again event - thanks for organising.....

A cool but bright starry sky, some warming soup, hosts willing to share their home and their knowledge and kiwis that spoke and replayed to each other. How rose to describe the evening than WOW.

How to better the experience: a walk in the bush to hear the birds and learn more about the area.

Thank you Melissa and hubby for your kindness.

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