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Volunteers are what makes                   work

As we are a non - profit organisation we rely on the kindness and generosity of members who volunteer their time and skills to keep WINGS functioning.


Being a volunteer provides a sense of belonging and being valued, as well as providing an opportunity to become a part of a fun, friendly family and to form lifelong friendships.


We are always happy to see new volunteers and meet lots of people!


Being a volunteer is a great way for you to bring your personality to the table and be part of WINGS.





WINGS has an Events Planning Group that organises events and outings for the members. 

The members of the events planning group are currently Deirdre Nicholls, Mina Crisp, Lindsey Shaw, Leslie Allen, Liane Blair, Michelle Briggs and Kristin Kelly.

If you like organising events and would like to join our group, we would love to have you. It is a wonderful way to meet likeminded people and have some fun.  Otherwise, please feel free to share ideas with us.

Contact the WINGS office on 430 3221 (office) or (021) 0829 0683 or email

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