The Healing Power of the Body's Ecosystem

"The first environment worth saving is you". Indeed it is. A very interesting Wednesday evening which was led by Sophia Xiao-Colley (Owner at DeSan Health, Whangarei)) taught us how SIMPLE health is.

S- Sleep -- Sleep when your body says to, you will wake up without the alarm clock

I- In/Out -- A good Diet, plenty of water and enough minerals can be beneficial

M- Mind --- Do your best, hold your integrity, that will be a peaceful thing for our mind

P- Posture -- maintaining good posture changes the whole personality

L-Love --- Remember to love yourself and others

E- Exercise -- One of the last elements of a healthy life and a positive mood

We were all glued to our seats listening to the message that Sophia gave us. The evening ended up with delicious nibbles brought by lovely ladies.

The Healing Power of the Body's Ecosystem
The Healing Power of the Body's Ecosystem - 4 Sep 19

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