Cool Cars - Behind the Scenes

WINGS Wednesday evening meeting, 3rd July 2019. Darelle talked about her husband's and her great interest in Hot Rod Cars. They both spend a lot of time and hard work bringing old cars back to life. They buy American cars and rebuild engine parts, reupholster the seats and repaint the exteriors in amazing designs and colours. The car ages range from quite old to fairly new. There are annual meet up events for this type of special car. When the group of people with these unique cars meet up, they also make it into a clothes fashion event. Men and women dress up in bright fashion gear, adding more glamour to the occasion. Darelle showed us lots of photographs of before and after cars and groups of people dressed up. Thank you, Darelle, for sharing your husband's and your very interesting car hobby with the WINGS group.

A Big Thanks to Ella Gregoire (0223553008) for donating a Clean Team gift voucher to be used as a Raffle gift for WINGS. The value of the voucher is $65 for a 2-hour Clean Team service.

This voucher is won by Joanna Samuels on her first visit to a WINGS monthly meeting. She was visiting from Kerikeri and is originally from Korea.

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