Fables and Legends Treasure Hunt

" Jack and Jill would climb in vain,

To fill a pail up this dry lane,

But sit a while admire the view

And you might see your next clue too."

5th May 2019- A fine Autumn Sunday - Quarry Gardens - 13 clues - a pot of Gold - and a Rainbow at the end.

WINGS Treasure hunt was very carefully organised by the two Leprechauns Lindsey and Mina making sure we read between the lines. A bunch of ladies along with children got their thinking hats on and scavenged the Quarry Gardens for the clues, groups bumping into one another trying to get to the pot of gold before anyone else.

At the end of the hunt, the group sat down for lunch at Quails (Restaurant at Quarry Gardens) while the kids enjoyed the cupcakes with hidden rainbows in it, made by Lindsey.

The day brought a sparkle to every ones face.

The Organisers


Rainbow Cake & Gold Pot

Hint Boards

Lunch at Qualis

Winner of the Treasure Hunt - Isabella

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