Cocktail Party

Glitz, Bits, and Tit-for- Tats (bits of food – canapes, and hats)

Saturday 24th March saw the second Wings Cocktail Party, which those who attended seemed to enjoy, judging by the endless chatter. It never ceases to amaze us that if you put a bunch of people in dressy clothes in a limited space for a limited time, they seem to have lots of fun. Maybe the strange drinks had something to do with it. Maybe we should have another one, in the spring. Where will it be next time?

Feedback from one of the attendees:

So nice to bring out the glad-rags and drink pretty drinks. Lindsay and family hosted a lively cocktail party for 20 Wings members and some partners. There were many different plates of canape’s to select from, a jug of Pimms with fruit a plenty, the ‘pacific lagoon’ cocktail with tropical blue hues and a colourful mocktail ‘Onerahi Sunset’.


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